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Radio: Driveway Options

Like it or not, working on the car, washing the dog, rinsing the lawnmower and all the other work we do on our driveways will leave chemicals there. When it rains, driveway surfaces like asphalt, concrete and sealed pavers direct those chemicals with gallons of stormwater right into the street, the sewers, and ultimately our water supply.

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Now you can find permeable versions of asphalt and concrete, interlocking pavers, bricks or cobbles with permeable grout, or the old standbys-crushed stone or shells. These all allow rainwater runoff to be naturally filtered into the ground.

Minimizing your driveway's area and designing it thoughtfully can also help control the pollution, erosion and flash flooding problems we're seeing so frequently now. Crown the surface and plant rain gardens in the low areas to catch and filter the runoff. Always slope paved areas away from your house to keep the water out of your basement, and don't add to the problem by draining your gutters onto the driveway.

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