How to save time on cutting frozen food

If you're like me who sometimes tend to forget to thaw frozen food overnight, this would help save the time and effort you put just to cut frozen food that won't fit in the microwave.

This won't fit in the microwave, and would sure take a while for the ice to melt. Don't even think about cutting!

So, this works when you just bought packed slices of meat, or when you have extra pieces unused after cooking. (Yes, these were the extra pieces I didn't use while i made my last guide).

These are all you need!

Wrap the pieces of meat individually.

Place on ziplock bag and store in freezer. The pieces would then freeze individually making it much easier to defrost the amount you wanna use the next time you cook!

So the next time you forget to thaw overnight, you just saved yourself all that time and effort! :) Thanks for looking!

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