How to soft boil an egg

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Take the egg out of the fridge at least five minutes before you cook it. At room temperature they cook more evenly.

You will need a couple slices of bread.

To see if the egg is good just put it in water. If it floats, means that has air pockets inside, is no bueno.

Pot on the fire with high heat. Full of water.

Boils faster with lid on.

When the water boils drop the egg very gently so it doesn't crack.

Put your timer for five minutes or 4:30 if you like adventures.

If its boiling like crazy just lower the heat a bit.

So it simmers.

Get your gear ready. Water, ice and a spoon.

Slice your bread and put it in the toaster.

Take the egg out.

drop it in the ice and water bath to stop the cooking process. If you are not peeling the egg you can certainly jump this step.

Too long and you will have a cold egg.

Peel it.

Or put it in a small ramekin and smash it a little bit.

Don't burn the toasts

Olive oil, salt and pepper...

...On the egg and toasts.

There you go.

It's ok to leave the shell.

A little bit of salmonella is ok.

Also deserves some salt and pepper

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